Monday, July 29, 2013

And you say you live where? No Problem!!!

Alert: Alert:  It has come to the attention of a well known distributor that some people are being discriminated against just based on the state they live in. Well fear no longer the needs of all will be met no matter the location. Looking for one of your favorites, well this gallery is just a few of the on hand quantities available. Original product from AM-HI-CO straight to your door step. Happy stocking up.

Vanilla Sky Novelty 500mg Concentration $35
Quick Silver Novelty  500mg Concentration $35
Mind Charge Ultra Novelty (CH) 500mg Concentration $35 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Has the war on Synthetics been Won?

I kind of find this to be ironic that the government shut down a shop or two and they have won the war on synthetic's. If I wanted to purchase some coke or meth or a blunt, which are by the way all clearly illegal, I would just take a stroll a few blocks down and Wa ' La' , I am hooked up.

There is something wrong with this picture. You could never in the history of this nation walk in a store and purchase a 3 gram bag of marijuana,  but you can still get it on the streets. Now if I wanted to buy a 3 gram bag of synthetic, which you could purchase over the counter three months ago, I would have to call Larry, who would then call Joe and still come up empty handed. Have we the business owners of America gotten so weak that we don't fight for what is our legal rights anymore? Or were we truly in it for the money and that's it?

Well money and making money is why we go into business and if you allow the government to come in and take your whiskey and pour it on the ground in front of your face and we don't ban together and fight this prohibition on synthetics then you deserve to lose your livelyhood.

Stand up and fight. With all the technology we have today we can win this war.
Please comment back and lets' get this fight back on track. Don't let our founding fathers laugh and call us pussies from the grave.

Synthetics are alive and well and sitting in your bathroom cabinets, but the government put them there and makes you buy from them and them only. I don't care if big brother regulates and make it safe and tax it too, but the prohibition acts are Bullshit!!!


Monday, July 16, 2012

TSUNAMI >>>> Coming Soon

TSUNAMI >>>> Coming Soon  From the Creator of Pure Ultra Molly:

This new formula is more than what you are expecting

Thursday, June 28, 2012


My blog hasn't been out that long, but some people would think that The Exuberance Powder 2
"AmPed" would have been my first review. We all know it wasn't and here's why.

Nothing gets my goat more than quality and consistency.

Tokedepot is offering this amped at a great price
Well that is enough said, because today I am featuring AmPED as a product for a good buddy and whom I advise from time to time on market trends as far as what products are launching. I like companies and yes I said companies, that have been around and stand behind their product.

Having watched this one for a while, I have seen the ebbs and flows of this product. The name was great, so people pounced, post ban came and the product became very inconsistent. It didn't help that the fakes and the phonies had their hey day with it and that hurt the name.

Time has drifted by and a few tries later the product has emerged not on pompt and circumstance but emerges based on demand, the product is good and consistent and the fakes and the phonies can not match on quantity for the price. Let's just say it's affordable. Tell you what I'll let you what Toke is offering and check it out for yourself.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rick Ross....Will he ever be boss again?

Sometimes I think where do they come up with the names of some of the stuff that gets released. Believe it or not some of these guys spend lots of money on "marketing" aka the package to get you to give the product a try. A few friends and myself were talking and Rick Ross FREEWAY Fire "Ant" Killer came up and we pondered the name. My buddy Johnathan the "scholar" said that it was not the name that hurt the product but it was the pre-printed package with a price of $49.99. I kind of agree with him on that myself. It does not help that the website posted on the product takes you to a go-daddy free ad site either.

Well I called up a friend who called up a friend and we convo-ed with the Makers of the well known TranQuility and current manufactuer of Rick Ross FREEWAY Fire Ant Killer!! and I said why not offer the community a deal, a Special deal. Well they hesitated and came back with
sales are good
besides our customers are repeat customers
and we like that. And I came back with do your repeat customers knock your door down to get it because the demand is high or is it because those who buy from you, buy just to keep a few happy who can afford it? Well there was hesitation again, so that's when I my friend offered a suggestion and they bit.

So check out and click into Tokedepot for a grand offer and you don't have to tell them I sent you..........

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Clearance Sale adds a Throw Back

The most popular, most know incense brand to date! And yes it is the original 1 gram packages.Well this is the cheapest you will find it anywhere $8.00 per pack. Sorry, but you will have to cover shipping cost$.
Guaranteed not to last!

Hit me up with any questions. Anyone needing a picture of the back can request it by email to

First and Second Generation Mr Nice Guy

Your choose of first or second generation Mr Nice Guy at a price that will make you Smile!! just like him. $6 dollars per pack or 5pks/$25. Sorry, you pay the shipping. bka Herbalessence
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